The JPS Employees Co-operative Credit Union Limited was registered March 16, 1956,
at 151B Orange Street in Kingston, Jamaica.

In February 2008 the Credit Union expanded its bond and was renamed JPS & Partners Co-operative Credit Union Limited. The credit union is presently located at 65 ¾ Half Way Tree Road, Kingston 10. It is rated among the largest Credit Unions in the island. In 2001 the credit union’s accumulated funds were in excess of $208 Million in shares and a total asset base of $716 Million, after 45 years of operation.

Today, JPS & Partners Co-operative Credit Union Limited has in excess of $2 Billion in savings and over $4 Billion total asset base.

We stand committed to our mission:

  • To provide members with efficient, reliable and professional service to meet their financial needs
  • To offer competitive financial facilities that our members require
  • To give reasonable advice to our members in order to secure their financial investments
  • To improve the quality of life of our members and foster their economic independence

The JPS & Partners Co-operative Credit Union Limited continues to meet the needs of the members through varied services offered.

Among these are:

  • Special Deposit at competitive rates
  • Standing Orders free of cost
  • Loan Protection and Life Savings Insurance
  • Scholarships offered annually to members’ children
  • A tertiary level scholarship offered annually to members or their children (Albert “Bertie” Morris Scholarship)
  • Life-long Savings Account

JPS & Partners Co-operative Credit Union Limited remains committed to its members’ needs and continues to develop and implement programs to assist in the development of its members.

The Credit Union continues to be involved in outreach programs. Some organizations and institutions that have benefited from the Credit Union’s outreach programs include Central Branch All Age School, The Optimist Club, Friends of Mona, Salvation Army, Food for the Poor and United Way of Jamaica.

As we enter into another year of operation, we remain committed to serving our members’ needs.


Through a Competent & Committed Team and innovative technology, we provide a wide range of services of the highest quality to meet the financial needs and aspirations of our internal and external stakeholders across Jamaica and the Diaspora;

Promote equal opportunity; Foster economic growth and stability while upholding our core values. We care for our members and our community.

Core Values

Integrity, Trust, Service, Accountability, Prosperity


To be our members’ premier Financial Partner for Life.