Our History

The JPS Employees Co-Operative Credit Union was born in March 1956 from a Provident Club which was run by JPS out of a genuine need to provide financial assistance to employees at reasonable rates of interest.

Employees contributed to this Fund from payroll deductions, primarily for use at Christmas and the funds were managed by the company. Prior to the establishment of this fund, employees who needed money, borrowed from two “in-house” usurers (Miss Bella & Mr. Warren) at very high-interest rates.

The Credit Union Movement which had been established in Jamaica by the legendary Roman Catholic Priest Fr. John Sullivan in 1941, had taken root in the island and JPS employees formed a study group of about thirty (30) to prepare the framework for the formation of the organization which would more effectively meet their financial challenges.

Meetings were held in the JPS auditorium at Orange Street with a high powered Credit Union Team which included now famous Credit Union personalities such as: Rev. Ossie Thortboum, Paul Chevannes, Tony Woods, Lorrell Bruce, Paddy Davis, and Keith Hall assisted by Fr. Lynch who travelled from Panama, “schooling” the group in the co-operative philosophy as well as the rules and regulations of the movement.

With members having confidently completed the necessary training and preparation, the Jamaica Public Service Employees Credit Union was registered as a legal entity in March 1956.

From a Small Rented Office to Our Current Headquarters

The first premises occupied by our Credit Union were a rented office on Orange Street. This was quickly out-grown and the company, fully supportive voided a four hundred (400) square foot space at the Orange Street Plant. Through the hard work and persuasiveness of then Treasurer Mrs. Jennifer Goodhall, we eventually moved to 151B Orange Street which was the former residence of the company’s General Manager in the historic 1940’s, the days of the Tram car. 

As our membership grew, so did the administrative responsibilities and after 44 years at our Orange Street home, premises were acquired on Lady Musgrave Road for much needed expansion of our facilities; but snags were ahead, as the town and County regulations did not allow for a commercial operation. Once again a search for new premises was underway.

Our current headquarters at 65 3/4 Half  Way Tree Road, Kingston 10 was acquired in 2000 and a major upgrading and refurbishing of the facility is now underway as we seek to provide more spacious and comfortable accommodations for our members. It is worth noting that the Lady Musgrave Road eight-apartment complex, whose tenants are all members, has proven to be an excellent investment, as the value has grown by over four hundred percent (400%).

Our First Members

Following the registration of the JPS Employees Credit Union in March 1956, the first register of members shows forty-seven (47) members registering on April 17, 1956 with their shares ranging from one (1) to forty-nine (49). Donald Pinnock, the first registered member, Keith Silvera, the 12th registered member and Carl Barnett, the 43rd, all went on to become Presidents, Me. Barnett being elected the first President. There are two hundred and fifty-five (255) other members listed in that first register, the last being Stanley Minnott (Mechanic) on January 28, 1959.

Our Ten Presidents

Our Credit Union has been served by ten Presidents. Our founding President was F. Carl Barnett, who later became a pioneer aviator. The pioneering spirit of the founders has led to the establishment of one of Jamaica’s leading financial institutions.

  • F. Carl Barnett
  • Keith Silvera
  • Ken Taylor
  • Carrol Barnes
  • Levi Watson
  • Donald Pinnock
  • Albert Morris
  • Derrick Tulluch
  • Natalie Sparkes
  • David Gray