Gold Series

Health Insurance available through your Credit Union

The Credit Union ‘Gold Series’ is a Group Health and Life Insurance Plan developed specifically for members of Credit Unions in Jamaica. Persons can access health care and life insurance coverage of $250,000 without the usual employer/employee relationship.

The plan segments its members into two age groupings of under 45 years and over 45 years.

The plan is available to persons 18-70 years.

There are several plans to suit your budget:

  • Limited Gold
  • Standard Gold
  • Executive Gold
  • Supplemental Health (Rider)


Eligible Dependents

  • Spouse (married or unmarried)
  • Children inclusive of step-children legally adopted children or children for whom you have Court appointed guardianship.
  • Coverage is extended to a newborn child from 14 days up to age 19. Dependent children who are Jamaican residents and are full-time students are covered up to their 26th birthday. Evidence of school enrollment must be supplied. Student coverage must be requested at least 31 days before the child’s 19th birthday and proof of student status provided annually thereafter.