U-Gain Savers Account

This is a savings and insurance plan that was tailored for Credit Union members. This plan caters to persons eighteen (18) to sixty-five (65) years of age who may contract with the Credit Union to make regular monthly deposits for a specific number of years. This savings instrument offers you a guaranteed interest rate for the duration of your plan.

In the event you become permanently disabled, the Credit Union will pay your total savings on your U-Gain Savings Plan account, plus your insurance benefit, which will be equal to your savings goal.

In case of death, prior to achieving your saving goal, the Credit Union will pay your total savings goal and insurance benefits. Your savings will then be escalated to your beneficiary. The U-Gain Saver Account saving plan can be used as an avenue for wealth creation and can assist in the achievement of your financial goals and objectives.


  • Minimum savings per month is $1000
  • There are two savings period options (12 months and 24 months)