Frequently Asked Questions

Membership is open to employees of Jamaica Public Service Co. Ltd, Jamaica Energy Partners, West Kingston Energy Partners, Jamaica Private Power Company, National Energy Solutions Limited, Digicel, Jamaica, UC Rusal, Tax Administration Jamaica, other registered Societies as well as individual subscribers to electricity. Ex-employees and pensioners of the listed entities. Members of Corporate bodies with which the Credit Union has formed alliances. Relatives (by birth, marriage or adoption) of members of the Credit Union, provided that any person admitted to membership has attained the age of 16 years.

You are part-owner of a strong financial institution which affords you access to loans with competitive interest rates, attractive investment options and quality member service.

The Credit Union offers free insurance protection up to $2,000,000 on loans and $1,000,000 on savings through CUNA Caribbean Insurance.

The tenet of the Credit Union speaks to one man, one vote which means that joint accounts are not allowed. However, the spouse may became a member of the Credit Union.

There is no waiting period for secured loans, for our unsecured loans we usually have a six months waiting period in which we are able to observe your savings pattern. The Credit Union reserves the right to waive or lessen this waiting period. In most cases share equity requirements have to be met.

This way your savings are never depleted. In fact, while you are repaying the loan, (which is done on the reducing balance) interest is growing on your savings.