Direct Deposit Facility

To better serve you, your Credit Union has introduced our Direct Deposit facility. This service allows the Credit Union to make deposits directly to our member’s BNS and NCB accounts. Members will now be able to have access to their funds within 12-24 hours.

Access Plus

The benefits of using an Access Plus Card are as follows:

  • Cash withdrawals
  • Purchase of goods and services

The card provides a convenient way to carry cash; cards are pinned at the Credit Union office or when the Credit Union makes location visits.

Members have convenient access to their funds at their own convenience from any multilink point.

Standing Order

The Credit Union is given an instruction by our members to pay a set amount at regular intervals to another account.

They are typically used to pay rent, mortgage or other fixed regular payments. Because the amounts paid are fixed, a standing order is not usually suitable for paying variable bills such as credit card, or gas and electricity bills.