Family Critical Illness Plan (FCIP)

As your financial partner, we encourage our members to proactively get insurance coverage for critical illness. One should never have to be caught off guard financially when one is diagnosed with a critical illness. Get coverage of up to $1M with our Family Critical Illness Plan (FCIP).


  • No medical is required when you sign up.
  • Critical illness coverage for you and up to FIVE of your eligible family members.
  • Access up to $3M worth of coverage should you or any one of your covered family members become diagnosed with either cancer, heart attack, stroke, paralysis, major burns or coma.
  • Permanently disabled children are covered up to age 75 once enrolled before age 26. Proof of disability is required upon enrolment or as soon as disability is discovered.
  • Receive benefits for your specified critical illness claims after a brief waiting period of six (6) months. You and your covered family member may receive benefits for a critical illness diagnosis resulting from an accident during the waiting period.
  • Enroll any time before the age of 60 (children must be enrolled prior to the age of 26).
  • You and each of your covered family members are entitled to one lump sum payment for the life of the plan
  • Get a 50% refund on premiums if there has been no claim made on reaching 75 years.

How to make a claim?

In order to reduce the processing time for a FCIP claim, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Claim form
  • Proof of diagnosis: Detailed medical report signed by the attending specialist of the Insured person.

The Credit Union reserves the right to request additional reports and information regarding your claim submission.

Termination of Individual Benefits

  • If you or anyone of your covered family members chooses to terminate coverage.
  • If you do not pay your premium before the end of the 31 day grace period provided.
  • When you or any of your covered family member reaches the age of 75 years.
  • After you or any of your covered family members has received payment from a claim.
  • When a dependent child who is not permanently disabled and is covered under your plan reaches the age of 26 or marries, whichever comes first.
  • Once you or any of your covered family members have passed away.
  • If JPS & Partners Credit Union or the FCIP provider terminates the Group Insurance Policy.


  • You will not receive benefits if diagnoses of one of the covered critical illnesses is caused by:
  • Willful self-inflicted injury or illness
  • Drug and/or alcohol abuse
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Committing or attempting to commit a crime or involvement in criminal activity
  • Willful ingestion or inhalation of poisonous substances
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Bodily injury through external and violet means
  • Injury, illness, or death resulting directly or indirectly from nuclear reaction, radiation or radioactive contamination.