JPS& Partners History

JPS& Partners Co-operative Credit Union Ltd.

The JPS Employees Co-operative Credit Union Limited was registered on March 16, 1956 and was among the first credit unions to be established in Jamaica.  The entity was formed from a Provident Club which was run by Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd. (JPS Co.) out of a genuine need to provide financial assistance to employees at reasonable rates of interest.  Employees would contribute to this fund through payroll deductions, the Company would manage the funds which would be given to employees at Christmas time.   The Credit Union started with forty seven (47) members.  By the end of the first year of its existence, the Credit Union had 71 members with shares amounting to 1,570 Pounds

Since inception, the Credit Union has always focused on developing products and services that will serve to improve the lives of our members.  Strong emphasis is also placed on making the best use of our financial revenues ensuring that what we do redounds to the benefit of all members.

Over the years, the boundaries of the Credit Union were expanded to include other companies in the electricity industry:

  •             Jamaica Private Power Company Ltd (JPPC).
  •             Rural Electrification Programme (now renamed NESOL).
  •             Jamaica Energy Partners (JEP).

In February 2008, following a vote by members, the Credit Union opened its membership beyond the electricity sector to include employees and their relatives of telecom giant Digicel Jamaica.   A Memorandum of Understanding now exist with Digicel and this is a bond that we are very proud of. The Credit Union also  underwent a name change and JPS Employees Co-operative Credit Union was renamed JPS& Partners (Jamaica Power Sector) Co-operative Credit Union Ltd. (JPS & Partners)  The name is synonymous to the number of partners who make up the membership base of the Credit Union.

In 2012 JPS & Partners began merger discussions with the two Credit Unions serving the bauxite industry.  These merger discussions were successful and in August and September 2013, the Kirkvine Co-operative Credit Union and the Ewarton Works Co-operative Credit Union were merged with the JPS& Partners Co-operative Credit Union by way of a Transfer of Engagement of the assets and liabilities of the Credit Unions in existence at the date of the merger.   In 2016, the Credit Union again underwent another merger partnership.  This time with the Collector General (CG) Co-operative Credit Union Ltd.  This Credit Union previously provided financial services to employees of the Revenue Department of Jamaica and their relatives.

The Credit Union  has now move from a single location at 65 ¾ Half Way Tree  Road Kingston 10  to now boast of  five (5) branches located in Kingston, Manchester and St. Catherine.


As at December 31, 2020, the Credit Union had 11, 938 members on record.

Any Jamaican who is at least 18 years of age and is an individual subscriber of electricity or a relative (by birth, marriage or adoption) may become a member of JPS & Partners Co-operative Credit Union.

You may also become a member if you are: employees of Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPSCo), Jamaica Energy Partners, West Kingston Energy Partners, Jamaica Private Power Company, National Energy Solutions Limited, Digicel, Jamaica, UC Rusal, Tax Administration Jamaica, or other registered Societies.

You may also become a member if you are an ex-employee and pensioner of the listed entities above, or you if you are employed to a corporate bodies with which the Credit Union has formed alliances.

Vision Statement

To become our members premier Financial Partner for Life.

Mission Statement

Through a competent & committed team and innovative technology, we provide a wide range of services of the highest quality to meet the financial needs and aspirations of our internal and external stakeholders across Jamaica and the Diaspora; Promote equal opportunity; Foster economic growth and stability while upholding our core values. We care for our members and our community.

Core Values

Integrity, Trust, Service, Accountability, Prosperity.

Our Culture

In our line of work, service is of utmost importance and the level of business we garner is hugely dependent on the quality of service we provide.  As a result, we at JPS& Partners aim to everyday serve our members’ quality and relevant products and services that meet their every need at all stages of life from childhood to adulthood while at the same time uphold our core values.  These products and services are prepared in a timely manner and delivered with a smile in a warm environment.   Our members are like family to us and so we seek to always strive to ensure their trust and confidence by establishing relationships built on the foundations of integrity, genuine care and concern for their needs.


The JPS & Partners Credit Union takes very seriously our role in securing the future of Jamaica. That’s why we focus on education and the youth. For over 20 years we have being investing tremendously in empowering students through partnerships, scholarships and bursaries.   Annually we seek to commit atleast $2.5M towards our Scholarship Fund.  Our partnering schools are:  The Queens School, Central Branch All Age School, Polly Ground Basic School, St. Mary the Virgin Basic School and St John Bosco Career Advancement Institute.

Annually, we make a bursary award to fifty five (55) of our youth savers (called Treasure Chest members) who sat the GSAT examination now known as PEP.  Each Bursary is renewable for five (5) years at Twelve Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($12,500.00) per year as long as the child maintain a “B” average in each school year.   Among this batch there are special bursary recipients from the Central Branch All Age School and the Queens High School, two institutions with which the Credit Union has formed alliances. Since 2008 and 2012 respectively, the Credit Union has worked closely with both Kingston-based schools, implementing programmes to empower students with life-long skills. At Central Branch, volunteers from the Credit Union assist teachers in improving the literacy levels among students through various reading initiatives inclusive of a weekly supply of 100 copies of the  Gleaner’s Children’s Own newspaper. 

High schoolers at the Queens School are encouraged to practice good financial habits through JPS & Partners’ School Savers programme. Bi-annually, we also award a scholarship valued at $50,000.00 to a PEP student with an exceptional school average.  This scholarship called the Carl Lyttle Scholarship is named in honour of one of the long serving members of the former CG Co-operative Credit Union.  The scholarship is for a period of five (5) years. 

Our partnership with the Polly Ground Basic School, St Mary’s the Virgin Basic School and the St. John Bosco Career Advancement Institute takes the form of donations to assist with their various requested activities and school needs.

In addition to the bursaries presented, one high school graduate is awarded with the Albert ‘Bertie’ Morris Scholarship. The scholarship, named in honour of one of the Founding Fathers of the Credit Union, Albert Morris, proffers a $150,000 grant to a member or the child of a member to pursue studies at a recognized tertiary institution.  The scholarship is renewable for three (3) years as long as the recipient maintains a “B” average.  The ‘Bertie’ Morris Scholarship was recently expanded to include all categories of study.

Free Health Checks

We recognize that wealth also consists of good health.  Our members are also beneficiaries of free health checks on the first Monday of every month.

Care A- Bit Fund

We also have a Care-A-Bit fund through which we provide a grant of a maximum of $30,000.00 to our members who have been affected by natural disasters or major illnesses.


We are also interested in goodwill and being our neighbors’ keeper. In this spirit, annually our budget makes provision for donations to charitable organizations across Jamaica.

Other Notable Achievements/Milestone

In 2006, we achieved the envious milestone, that of being in existence for over 50 years.   In recognition of this enviable feat we were in April 2007 the proud recipient of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica Employment Creation Award.  This award was given “in recognition of our significant investment which has led to the creation of sustainable employment opportunities for over 40 years”.

Financial Performance

As a financial institution we aim to provide the highest level of member service, ensure that we remain cost efficient, continually expand our range of services and products  so that we can compete in a fiercely competitive environment.

We highlight below our financial performance for the last five (5) years.