Sound money management is one of the most valuable life skills you can teach your children and introducing your child to the importance of saving when they are young will prove quite invaluable. Start your children off on the right money management path with the Treasure Chest Youth Savers Savings Account.  The Treasure Chest Youth Savers Saving Account is specially designed for children between the ages of Zero (0)-fifteen (15) years.

Give your children the opportunity to learn money management while offering them the chance to save towards achieving their specific goals.

    • You can save with us and be assured that your savings is secured and insured.*

*Bank deposits are insured up to J$600,000 by the Jamaica Deposit Insurance Corporation (JDIC) scheme.

  • The child must be between zero (0) to fifteen (15) years of age.
  • Parent or legal guardian must be member of the Credit Union.

The following documents are required:

    • A completed Treasure Chest Application form
    • 1 Passport size photo of the Child
    • Copy of the Birth Certificate of the child
    • Proof of Address from the Parent/Guardian
    • Valid ID from Parent/Guardian
    • $1,000 deposit