Buying a home is always a great investment choice, especially since a home is an appreciating asset. Whether your mortgage purchase is as a first time home buyer or your mortgage purchase is for investment purposes, a JPSPCU mortgage is already pre-packaged for you. We are here to assist you every step of the way. The mortgage process may seem overwhelming, but our experienced Mortgage specialists are ready and willing to assist, to hold your hand and guide you until your keys are delivered to you.

Mortgage Calculator

JPS & Partners Credit Union reserves the right to amend the terms of our product offerings including changing the interest rate, repayment period, maximum loan amount and/or share requirement. Other conditions apply. Monthly payments are calculated using an amortization calculator based on information you input which must include: loan amount, interest rate, and repayment period in months.

  • Loan protection insurance – coverage up to $2M
  • Life savings insurance – coverage up to $1M
  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Up to $10M to borrow (90% of property value or 80% of value of land, whichever is less).
  • Up to 25 years to repay.
  • Share requirement of at least 5% of loan amount.
  • Financing available for members up to 65 years of age.
  • Applicant’s life must be covered by life insurance*. This policy must be assigned to JPSPCU exclusively.
  • Successful applicants must insure their property through a reputable insurance company acceptable by JPSPCU against all insurable losses.

The following documents are required:

    • Completed Loan Application Form
    • Copy of Registered Certificate of Title
    • Sales Agreement
    • Valuation Report
    • Surveyor Identification Report
    • Quantity Surveyors Report (estimate of costs) – if applicable
    • Approved Building Plan – if applicable
    • Job Letter
    • Last Two (2) Pay Slips
    • ID & TRN
    • Statement of Indebtedness from Financial Institution
    • Certificate of Payment of Taxes
    • Utilities paid-up-to-date
    • Evidence maintenance payments and other outgoings are current – if applicable
    • Secondary Peril Insurance of Property
    • Evidence of Strata Insurance – if applicable
    • Certificate of independent legal advice

List of Approved Valuators

  • SFR Property Appraisals & Services.
  • Wilcain & Associates.
  • *And other valuators licensed by the Real Estate Board.